MXM Records

We are an independent electronic music label, and our production ranges from House, Techno, Drum and Bass, Ambient, Alternative to many other genres. Alongside producing electronic music, we record acoustic music, which is mixed with the electronic music. In addition, we also provide mixing and mastering services. Our other services include writing music for the film industry, gaming and advertising. In cooperation with venues, we also organise music events. Our network of music specialists continues to expand steadily, and we remain at the forefront of modern music. We look forward to bringing you music from diverse, groundbreaking artists for your continuing enjoyment.

Maxim Novakovsky

Maxim Novakovsky is an independent music producer and entrepreneur. I started as a classically-trained musician with demonstrated skill on the piano and received my music education diploma in 2008. Before joining university, I gave many solo performances and undertook a range of projects inside the music industry. While studying at the Birmingham City University undergrad programme in Media and Communications specialising in Music Industries, I also participated in DHD music label launching, organised DJ parties and filmed music clips with my fellow students alongside work on my own music production. Now, as a founder of the label, I am proud to represent Cosmovibes.. Besides music production, I am responsible for the business issues and any relevant data. I am looking forward to developing the label in accordance with the newest trends.

Max Alexsson

Max Alexsson is a professional alias used by Maksym Yelovenko, a music producer who is currently based in London, UK. Maks started his first solo music projects during his teen years in mid 00’s. Starting as an experimental and ambient music artist, Maks currently mixes different and diverse styles including house, garage, techno, lo-fi, dream pop, new disco, post-punk and many others. In addition to heavy sample and synthesizer usage, Max Alexsson also records his own guitar, bass and drums.

Dmitry Glazunov

Dmitry’s Glazunov pathway into music became clearly identifiable three years ago, although music had always been of interest to him. Since his childhood, he enjoyed singing and experimenting with music. In 7th form, he installed software for music production, particularly Fruity Loops that appeared on the CD in the magazine targeting computer enthusiasts. That experience influenced him quite a lot. About three years ago, he applied himself with greater seriousness to understanding particular configurations, and today his music serves as a true reflection of his creative personality.