With a professionalism and a proven track record you can always rely on Cosmovibes to get the most out of your music. If you require an individual track mastered, a professional mixdown or full CD master, then we can deliver amazing results at an affordable price. You’ll find that our audio quality is amazing, and that our customer service is the best.

  • Mastering - £30
  • Stem Mastering - £50

What is mastering?

Mastering is the final step in transforming your music before it is replicated or ready for download. Audiomaster offer high-end audio and CD mastering to bands, musicians, labels, studios, and producers. Mastering engineer Max Alexsson uses the best in class A analogue hardware and digital software to improve the clarity, definition, and depth of your recordings.

Play before you pay

You can achieve the highest level of audio quality without breaking your bank balance, and here at Cosmovibes we believe you should hear the results of our mastering before any payment is taken.  A free test master is offered to all new clients. Simply upload your track and hear your music mastered before you pay. Any tweaks or changes are included until you are 100% happy.


With our Promotional Services, we do the hard work for you. Our in-house team of experts deliver comprehensive PR campaigns getting you featured online and offline, our social media experts grow your fanbase and drive sales while our promo team ensure you get the all important featured placement on iTunes, Beatport and all other important major platforms. So why not let us help you by getting the very best team behind your campaign?

Artist promotion

Which services are you interested in?

  • Release Strategy
  • Video promotion
  • Full Press Campaign
  • Social Media
  • 360 Press, Publicity & Marketing
  • Online Store Promotion
  • Social Media Starter Pack

Events organisation

Gigs, Clubs and Small Venues

We organise music events and parties of different scales at clubs, pubs, private houses, various venues and etc.

Live performance

Hire a DJ!


Dj Anjuta Kis 
All her life devotes to music. Anjuta attended to music school, violin, dance and choir for 10 years. Basics of DJing received in Moscow. Further, in Riga, firstly she became a resident at the Barber.Room bar and later she became a resident of one of the top clubs in Riga - First Dacha. Periodically, she is touring in other Europe countries. She is a frequent guest at private parties in Jurmala city. Currently, Anjuta Kis is a resident of Coyote Fly, which is a famous club in Riga and Pullman Riga Old Town Hotel. Anjuta Kis graduated from the Institute of Television and Broadcasting with a speciality of Soundman of Audiovisual Arts